Fitness FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Step 1: go to

Step 2: click on “Campus Rec” at the top of the page

Step 3: Click on Fitness. Check out the class offerings.

Step 4: On the Campus Rec home page you will notice a registration link.

Step 5: Click “Register Now” – this will bring you to our on-line registration page

Step 6: Click either “New User” if you’re new, or “Returning User” if you have registered for Campus Rec  already

Step 7: You will then be prompted to “Make Your Selection”. Check the program you wish to register for

Step 8: Fill in the remaining pages:

  • Member Information
  • Cart Check Out
  • Online Account Set Up
  • Billing Information
  • Payment Information and
  • Waiver

*Please Note*

There are 2 options for payment: Online or in-person at the Front Desk of the C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse (cash, debit, credit). League fees are due prior to league start date.

Step 9: Hit “Continue” on the last page you will receive an email notification.

Way to go! You’re registered :)

Additional Notes for Fitness Classes

1. You will be notified your start date and location via email

Additional Notes for League:

1. You will be notified by a convener or team captain as to when your first league game is.

2. If you have registered your team, you must complete the roster form – which

can be found at – under the Campus Recreation Page.

3. This roster form must be submitted at either the first captains meeting, or your

first league game to the Campus Recreation Convener.

4. Team captains are responsible for completing team Roster Forms.

* Please note that by filling out the Roster Form you have NOT registered your

team. You must first do so by registering online.

When does registration open and close?

Please refer to the Campus Rec home page as these can vary term to term.

Can I drop into a fitness class to see if I like it? If so, how much is it?

Yes you can drop into a Fitness Class as long as there is room in the class and it is not full. You can do so by paying for a drop in class at the Front Desk in the C.J Sanders Fieldhouse. Please keep in mind we do have a FREE FIT WEEK at the beginning of each semester that will allow you to try all of our classes for free. In order to sign up for the free class, you must call 12 hours before the class to have your name put on a list.

Steps to Drop Into a Fitness Class:

1. Check the Campus Rec website for class schedule

2. Pay drop in fee at the front desk in the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse

3. If class is full when you arrive at the class, a full refund will be administered

The cost to drop into a fitness class is $5.00 for students and $8.00 for general public*

*Fit Yoga is $7.00 for students and $10.00 for general public


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