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Birthday FAQ’s

Birthday FAQ’s

Q: Is there food provided?

A: Parents/guardians can choose to add pizza to their birthday for $19/pizza. If ActiveU supplies the pizza, there will be plates and napkins provided for the pizza.

Q: Will there be plates, cutlery provided, etc. if we do not order pizza?

A: No, ActiveU does not supply plates or cutlery, all items necessary for the birthday room must be provided by the parent/guardian.

Q: Will the Birthday room be decorated?

A: Yes, the birthday room will be decorated 30min before the scheduled arrival of the guests by our ActiveU staff. The room will be decorated with tablecloths, and birthday decorations.  Parents can feel free to bring in additional decorations if they would like.

Q: What games are included?

A: Games are typically chosen by the birthday boy or girl at the time of the booking. However, our staff has a lot of experience working with children and facilitating games that they are easily adaptable on the day of the birthday to change games. Parents/guardians and children can also use the aid of the ActiveU activities booklet. Please ask for this booklet at the time of booking.

Q: What types of birthdays are there?

A: Several different types of ActiveU birthdays are available; parents/ guardians can choose an ActiveU birthday, Pool birthday or a combination of 2 of the above. See below for more description.

Field or Gym Birthday

A qualified ActiveU host will help supervise and instruct your children while they enjoy a variety of activities for 1 hour.  Activities can be tailored to the interest of the birthday boy or girl. After your session use our party room for 1 hour to enjoy food, cake, and open gifts.

Cost: $14.00 / child

Pool Party

A qualified ActiveU host will greet you and send you and your guests off for 1 hour of fun time in our pool.  After your session use our party room for 1 hour to enjoy food, cake, and open gifts.

Cost: $15.00/child

*Not Available May – Aug 2015.

Combination Party

A combination party allows you to combine two of the following activities, rock climbing, swimming or ActiveU. The group would swim for 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of ActiveU activities. After your session use our party room for 1 hour to enjoy food, cake and open gifts.

Cost: $17.00 / child

Game Day Birthday

A qualified games day host will greet you and bring you to your seats, for your choice of basketball or volleyball home game.  The birthday boy or girl will have the opportunity to have their birthday announced by our very own game day announcer.  The host will also assist in providing food (slice of pizza & a drink) to the birthday group, and assist with any other needs during the game.  Bring your own cake and celebrate in a designated birthday room at half time.

*Game Day Birthday Zone is only available for regular season home games.

Cost: $16.00

Extra game tickets for adults: $5 each


Q: What is the agenda of the birthday party itself?

A: Typically, ActiveU birthdays will consist of approximately 1 hour of physical activities and the remaining 1 hour allotted to food, cake and presents to complete the 2 hour period.

Q: Parking

A: Parking is free during weekend birthday hours. Parents/guardians should park in Lot 1 and check in at the front desk. Food drop off locations will be discussed at the time of the booking.

Q: Payment?

A: A $70 deposit is taken at the time of the booking, which will be taken off the total price on the day of the birthday. Once the birthday party has gotten started, customers are ask to return upstairs to the front desk reception and pay the required amount. The front desk accepts cash, debit or credit.

Q: Is there access to refrigeration?

A: Yes, the staff will place any items requiring refrigeration in the fridge and retrieve it when needed.

Q: Who do I contact to book a party?

A: Please email Laura Ferguson at or phone (807) 343-8010 x8950