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COVID-19 Policies

In order to safely enjoy our facilities, please be sure to read the below information carefully.

Current COVID-19 Policies

Dec 29 2021 Update

As of Dec 17, our facility went back to enforcing 50% capacity for all workout spaces. Capacities are posted on each rooms entrance and must be followed.

As of Jan 4, our facility will be required the enhanced Ontario Vaccine Receipt with QR Code to enter our facilities.

All other below updates from Oct 25 are still in effect.

Oct 25 2021 Update

Quick Facts:

  • Lakehead University & Ontario Government Vaccination Policies are in effect starting September 7th.  Please read COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements prior to coming to campus or the Athletics Facilities.
  • Gym bookings are no longer required for access. All areas of the facility are now open for us. 
  • All gym users must complete a self COVID-19 screen through the Lakehead University Mobile Safety app, and present a green badge when signing in.
  • Members must have an updated waiver with us, which can be signed online through the portal. 
  • Face masks are still required whenever members are not actively participating in an athletic or fitness activity
  • Vaccine Requirement: All visitors using our facilities will be required to abide by the Lakehead University mandatory vaccination policy and the Ontario Government guidelines. A single vaccine dose will be required by all users as of Sep 7 as per Lakehead University policy, and two doses by Sep 22, as per Government of Ontario requirements.

Facility Capacity

Fitness facilities are now operating at full capacity. Members are asked to still be respectful of maintaining space between themselves and other members, and ensuring their equipment is clean after each use

What’s Opened & Closed

All areas of our facility our now open for use!

Your First Visit Back

All members are asked to verify their contact information on file with us so we can ensure all necessary communications are getting to you promptly as needed. This can be updated online membership/student account at

In addition, all members & students will be asked to complete a COVID-19 waiver prior to entering which can be accessed online through the member portal.  This is mandatory and members will not be permitted to access without signing this waiver. 

All Members can also digitally sign their waiver prior to arrival by logging in to their account at by clicking on the notifications in the top right. Account logins were emailed to members in November, and can be retrieved by clicking “forgot password/username” at log in, or emailing

NOTE: Members under the age of 17 need to have their waiver signed by a parent/guardian. The youth version of this form can be found here

LakeheadMOVE App

Lakehead University has a new app to assist members and students in accessing all things athletics.  Book your workouts, have easy access to your membership card, get notifications on facility updates and more!  Download LakeheadMOVE on your phone today!

Updated Facility Policies

  • In addition to the one time waiver, you will be required to complete our COVID-19 Screening Protocol.  You have the choice of using Lakehead University Security’s App (available on Apple & Android) where there is a COVID-19 Self-Screening link.  This will provide you with a green badge which you will show to the front desk when scanning in.  You can also complete this screening with a front desk staff member. For a video tutorial, you can follow this link
  • Masks need to securely cover your mouth, nose and chin without gapping are required at all times within the facility when not actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity. 
  • Social Distancing (2 metres) must be maintained between users at all times. 
  • All individuals entering the facility will be required to sign a new waiver prior to using the facility. This can be completed prior to your visit using the links above or can be completed upon arrival. 
  • We encourage the use of contactless check in and request that members bring their keytag/student card with them to check in. The LakeheadMOVE app can also be downloaded to access your membership information.
  • Members are asked to bring a refillable water bottle and avoid drinking straight from the water fountain. 
  • Members will be asked to clear and leave the building during our cleaning closures, as indicated in our facility hours above. 
  • For any purchases, members are being asked to use credit or debit for their transactions
  • It is important for all members to wipe down their equipment after use. Cleaning stations, equipped with containers of disinfectant for equipment, have been placed with increased frequency throughout the facility in exercise areas. 

Updated Open Gym Policies

  • All sports and activities should be modified to limit face to face contact. 
  • Masks are required unless actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.

Updated Open Field Policies

  • All activities/sports should be modified to limit face to face contact. 
  • Masks are required unless actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.

Updated Track Policies

  • Please run in the same direction as other track users
  • When passing other runners, please allow at least 1 lane of space in between runners and allow for 2 metres of distance between runners at all times
  • Masks are required unless actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity.

Memberships, Day Passes, and Facility Services FAQ’s

Student Memberships

  • All students who have paid tuition and ancillary fees have access to the Athletics Facilities.

Purchasing a New Memberships

  • New memberships will be sold by appointment only.  In order to purchase a new membership, please email to set up a phone or in person appointment.

Locker Rentals 

  • Lockers will be sold by appointment only. In order to rent a locker, please email to set up a phone or in person appointment.
  • Any members/students with expired lockers should have been contacted in August 2021 but our front staff. If you have any concerns or questions surrounding your locker, please email the front desk. 

Towel Services

  • At this time, towel services has not yet resumed. 

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