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Lane Swim

Lane Swim COVID-19 Policies

Pool Access

  • All pool users must sign in at the front desk prior to accessing the pool.
  • Lane swim is only available for certain hours of the day, according to the schedule below,
  • Pool users must follow the instructions and guidance from lifeguard staff at all times, and are expected to conduct themselves in a safe manner when on the pool deck and in the water.
  • The cabanas (2) on the pool deck are available for changing.
  • There are no day use lockers available – please bring your swim bag onto the pool deck
  • To allow for 2m distance at all times, the pool will be set up in double lanes.
    • Please see diagram below for lane swim pattern.
  • Patrons are asked to choose their double lane based on slow, medium or fast pace. Double lanes 1-2 is slow pace. Lanes 3-4 is medium pace. Lanes 5-6 and 7-8 is fast pace.
  • There shall be no more than 5 patrons per double lane.

Rules & Regulations

  • To maintain physical distancing guidelines, please do not arrive at the pool deck earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled swim time.
  • Maintain your 2m physical distance from other patrons at all times.
  • Pool users are asked to shower at home before and after swimming.
  • Pool users are asked to use the gender neutral washrooms on the pool deck if necessary at any time during their swim.
  • Please remove your outdoor footwear before entering the pool deck and carry them with you to where you choose to place your swim bag.
  • Please wear your mask onto the deck, place your mask into your bag while swimming and put mask on when exiting the pool.
  • There will be no swimming aid equipment provided by the pool – if you wish to use these please bring your own to and from the pool at the time of your booking.


Due to unanticipated maintenance issues, the pool will be closed until approximately September 10th. This webpage will be updated with information as it becomes available.



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