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Campus Rec is proud to offer both group fitness and personal training opportunities with us! No matter you current skill level, abilities, or goals, we will work with you to find a program best suited to your needs.

Stay tuned for Fall 2021 Programming – Coming Soon!

Group Fitness

Group Fitness includes a variety of classes that are led by a qualified instructor. Our classes range from cardio, strength, dance-oriented, yoga, and water-based classes. Learn more about our classes, the schedule, and how to participate on our group fitness page.

Personal Training

Personal training is more customized fitness for either an individual or pair looking to work towards any fitness goals. We have a variety of packages available for all skill levels to help you feel more confident in the gym!


Q: Who can participate in Group Fitness?

A: Anyone! Pricing is unique for students compared to general public, but all facility users are welcome to attend group fitness.

Q: Who can participate in Personal Training?

A: Personal Training can be purchased by any current member of our facility, or by the general public. Current members and students receive discounted pricing.

Q: Can I reserve a spot in a Group Fitness class?

A: No, the spots in class are first come, first serve. We recommend coming at least 15 minutes prior to class starting.

Q: Do you have equipment available?

A: All equipment required for class will be available during class. Mats for the Yoga class can be rented at the Modo Yoga desk. Other classes do not require mats.

Q: What are the Group Fitness classes like?

A: There are class descriptions on our main group fitness page.

Q: How can I sign up?

Registration for both group fitness and personal training takes place in person at our front desk. For group fitness, you can either pay a drop in fee, or purchase a 5 or 10 class pass in advance. The general group fitness class pass can be used for any of our on land classes. Aqua Fitness classes have their own class pass. For personal training, you can purchase any one of our many packages to get set up with a personal trainer.

Q: How do the class passes work?

The class passes grant you access to any of our group fitness classes that you are eligible for. It does not need to be used on the same type of class (e.g. Zumba) every time. You’ll just need to let the Front Desk know you are here for Fitness and they will deduct one class from your pass.


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Sports Medicine Clinic

Sports Medicine

At the Lakehead University Sports Medicine Clinic, we provide high quality treatment aimed at restoring your mobility issues while reducing pain levels