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Hockey High Performance Centre


The Hockey High Performance Centre is a brand new area in the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse that opened in August 2020. The high performance centre is available for rental via private and semi private sessions with our coaches. The centre consists of several skill development areas for your skill development:

Hockey Treadmill

  • The skating treadmill is the ultimate training machine for improving players skating, stride, speed & technique. Our instructors help develop skating fundamentals with a technical breakdown of their stride and mechanics. The instructors will run through a variety of progressive drills based on their current skill level that will help their skating mechanics.

Skill Zones

Passing & Puck Handling Platforms

  • Platforms are used for movement and posture with the puck to become a more efficient puck handler. Instructors will provide an in depth analysis on the fundamentals of handling the puck with various movements that will be within our skill development curriculum.

Skating Slide Boards

  • Specific drills to enhance a players stride based off of the analysis of our trained instructors. These drills will be used to maximize the skaters body movements and develop a stronger stride.

Shooting Room

  • This room will be used for the development of your shot through multiple shooting techniques and scenarios. Private and semi private lessons with video analysis will be performed to increase shot ability through the skill development curriculum. Other drills pertaining to passing and puck handling  can also be applied in this space.

If you have any additional questions about the Hockey High Performance Centre, please contact us at

How to book

The Hockey High Performance Centre can be booked for private sessions, or semi-private sessions of group sizes between 2 and 4. Email too book your session now!




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