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School Programs

ActiveU Electives

ActiveU is proud to offer elective programming for students in all grade levels! Our programming is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of your group.

What is an elective?
ActiveU Electives are sessions where Varsity Athletics & ActiveU Staff facilitate physical activity games for your classes, which can be used by teachers again afterwards! The actual structure of the day will be based on the length of time you are visiting with us, but we are flexible and can work with teachers on what works best for their class. Staff communicate ahead of time with teachers to select activities and lesson plans are provided. Sample schedule for electives are as follows:

  • 1 Hour Elective – 5 Minute Welcome/Warm-Up, and two 25-minute activity stations
  • 1.5 Hour Elective – 5 minute Welcome/Warm-Up, and two 40-minute activity stations
  • 2 Hour Elective – 5 Minute Welcome/Warm-Up and three 35-minute activity stations
  • 2.5 Hour Elective – 5 Minute Welcome/Warm-Up, and three 45-minute activity stations OR four 30-minute stations based on group size.

Please note we have a maximum capacity of 30 students per station at a time, so please ensure you select an elective structure that will accommodate your total group size.

What are some examples of activities?
The activities will be selected in consultation with the teachers. Generally we have a mixture of sport-based stations (basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, flag football, european handball, etc.) and camp/PE style camps (capture the flag, dodgeball). Stations can be designed to be play style or skill/drill style based on teachers requests.

How much does an elective cost?
1 hour Sessions – $5/student*
1.5 hour session – $8/student*
2 hour Sessions – $10/student*
2.5 hour Sessions – $12/student*

*Please note for groups with less than 20 students, there is a minimum charge of $100/hour.
All costs are inclusive of tax.

How many students can a school bring at a time?
We can facilitate group sizes of anywhere from 10 to a recommended maximum of 120. Groups larger than 120 can be accommodated with additional consultation with the organizing teacher.

Where are electives held?
Electives are hosted within Lakehead’s Athletic Facilities (CJ Sanders Fieldhouse, Wolf Den, and Hangar Field). Weather permitting, activities can also be done on our outdoor field and beach volleyball courts.

How do I book an elective?

Please complete our online booking form

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at or call us at 807-343-8010 x8950