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Wolf Pups on the Move

Blue and Yellow images that says "Wolf Pups on the Move"

Join us in getting active this winter by getting OUTDOORS. Being outdoors benefits both children and adults in many ways such as improving health and overall well-being. Whether it’s building a snowman outside or taking a walk through the woods as a family, there are so many benefits from stepping away from our screens and into the sun!

We have created a fun and engaging challenge to help motivate you and your family to get outdoors. Who’s ready to rise to the challenge!

What is the challenge?

50 hours of outdoor time in 6 weeks starting Feb 15, 2021, ending on March 31, 2021.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is affiliated with any of our Lakehead University campuses is welcome to participate, include students, faculty/staff, alumni, and community members!

How do I participate?

Sign up for FREE to have access to our fun tracking sheet for you and your family to track your hours outside, along with a weekly activity video from our Lakehead University Varsity Athletes encouraging you to get active indoors on those very cold days when it’s not possible to be outside.

  • Sign up at this link to receive the weekly email to enter for the prize pack
  • Find our weekly activities, filmed by Lakehead University Varsity Athletes & Coaches, on our youtube channel

Why should I participate?

By participating you will have a chance to win a THUNDERWOLVES PRIZE PACK! You will receive 1 ballot for signing up, 3 additional ballots for partial completion of the paws or 5 additional ballots for completing the all paws.

Tracking Sheet Instructions:

The tracking sheet has 10 paws on it, each representing 5 hours of activity! Every time you complete an hour of outdoor activity, colour in one of the toes/claw. For the middle “pad” part of the paw, you can either do one of our ActiveU videos or do additional outdoor time!

Submit your tracking sheet at the end of the challenge to:

  • By social media (Facebook or Instagram) to ActiveU, or to @achievementprogram if you are an Achievement Program student
  • By email to, or to if you are an Achivement program student
Pups on the Move Tracking Sheet (1)

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