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The Thunderwolves are back this week to showcase another one of our incredible athletes. It’s time you learned a little more about LU wrestler MarcoPalermo. Check it out!


Name: Marco Palermo

Sport: Wrestling

Program: Business Commerce

Year: 3rd Year


Q: How long have you been wrestling?

A:8 years


Q: What is your favourite thing about wrestling?

A: It challenges you physically and mentally.


Q: What is your favourite wrestling memory NOT WITH the Thunderwolves?

A: Competing at an international tournament in Sassari, Italy.


Q: What is your favourite wrestling memory WITH the Thunderwolves?

A: Camping with the team


Q: What made you choose wrestling as your sport?

A: My dad wrestled when he was young, so he got me into it, and I loved it.


Q: Why did you choose to come to Lakehead and wrestle for the Thunderwolves?

A: I saw an opportunity to become a better wrestler while representing my hometown.


Q: What are some of your goals for the upcoming season?

A: The main goal return to U-sports to win gold again for Lakehead.

Training goals for the year include:

  • Swim a 100m in 1:30
  • Run a 5-minute mile
  • Be able to do 100 double under skips in a row
  • Do 5 muscle ups with a 45lb vest


Q: How do you train over the summer?


  • 5x wrestling technique sessions/week
  • Additional swimming, cardio, circuit training, and yoga workouts
  • Tough labour work all day


Q: What is the best thing about being a student-athlete?

A: It challenges yourself to become organized and efficient


Q: What is the hardest thing about being a student?

athlete and how do you deal with it?

A: Travelling during the season is difficult because it is hard to focus on school when your mind is set on competing. To cope with this, I try to stay on top of school so I’m not left behind.


Q: What is something this sport has taught you?

A: You got to work for what you want.


Q: Which teammate inspires you the most?

A: Jacob Luczak. He’s always been like my older brother that mentors me since I was young. He’s been in the sport much longer than me and is always passing his knowledge onto me whether it be physical or mental improvements.


Q: What is your favourite thing to do outside of wrestling?

A: Spend time with friends and family


Q: What is your dream vacation destination and why?

A: Dubai because it is the land of supercars


Q: What was the best summer vacation you’ve ever had?

A: Going to Italy & Romania. It was a training camp with Team Canada, where I’ve built friendships with people from all over Canada


Q: What is your favourite summer activity?

A: Outdoor workouts


A: What is your dream job?

Q: Being an entrepreneur


Stay tuned for our next Q&A with one of Thunderwolves Volleyball’s hardest workers, Rachel Sweezy!

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