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Thunderwolves VS Winnipeg Wesmen
October 17, 2015 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Game Information
Thunder Bay
LU Fieldhouse
Game Score
Winnipeg Wesmen
(3) (3)
(11) (9)
Game Review

Wrestlers Do Battle vs. Wesmen, Win 6 matches

Hugh Mullally | Wrestling

Lakehead’s wrestlers put up a good fight against the visiting Winnipeg Wesmen in the first dual meet in the Thunderdome between CIS opponents in over a decade.

The day pitted best of the Wesmen against those of the Thunderwolves in two separate sessions of matches. The Wesmen took the first session, 11 matches to 3, and the second session saw the Wesmen prevail, 9-3. Final match score Lakehead 6; Winnipeg 20.

Full match listing and results follow below.

Despite the scores, it was far from a letdown for Lakehead coach Francis Clayton, who saw many positives drawn for his team in the day’s matches.

“For this time of the season, we did pretty well, we weren’t intimidated,” said Clayton. “A number Winnipeg’s wrestlers are in the top 5 in the country, some are CIS champions. I was proud that none of our wrestlers backed down from anyone, and did pretty well for ourselves.”Horner _vs_ Kessler

Lakehead’s wrestlers that came away with victories included Emma Horner (above), who won both her matches, Kevin Leatherdale, Chris Waltner and Tristen Thibault who also came away with match wins. Lakehead club wrestler Marco Palmero earned a match win for the home side as well.

Lakehead’s Brody Evans likely had the most entertaining matches of the day, as he took on Brock Munro twice. Munro was penalized in the first match for a closed fist strike to Evans’ face in a hotly contested match that could have gone either way. After scoring a critical takedown in the second round Evans had Munro in another prone scoring position, but Munro was able to flip Evans onto his back and score a pin. Their match in the second session also featured some warnings from the referee when both Munro and Evans exchanged head butts. Both wrestlers finished the match without further infractions.

“We were glad to be here, it was a good start to our season,” said Winnipeg coach Adrian Bruce. “Lakehead has so much wrestling history, it’s great to have meets like this. I’m sure that with Francis and Justin working together in this program, given a little time, there’s no doubt in my mind that the next time we face them, they’ll be much better.”

(Above: Brody Evans and Brock Munro battle it out)

Lakehead-Winnipeg Wrestling Duals, Oct 17, 2015 – Session 1

Lakehead (3) kg Winnipeg (11)
Megan Smith 48 Kaitlyn Kucharski (Tech. Superiority)
Jessica Bershatsky* 51 Rachel Alder (pin)
Emma Horner (Tech. Superiority) 55 Emily Kessler
Heather Brousseau 67 Eden McPherson (pin)
Dana Campbell 72 Taylor Follensbee (pin)
Kevin Leatherdale (Tech. Superiority) 57 Bo Beardy
Chris Waltner (pin) 61 Dylan Kimoto
Gary Lynch 65 Mitchell Berenz (injury forfeit)
Brody Evans 72 Brock Munro (pin)
Tyler Ashurst 76 Aleksandr Sofronov (Tech. Superiority)
Cesar Fleurant 82 Ben Christopher (points)
Tristen Thibault 90 Calvin Daum (pin)
Drew Anderson 100 Fin Higgins (Tech. Superiority)
Ronnie Bingham* 120 Kyle Nguyen (pin)

Session 2  *Lakehead Club wrestlers*

Lakehead (3) kg Winnipeg (9)
Megan Smith 48 Kaitlyn Kucharski (pin)
Jessica Bershatsky* 51 Rachel Alder (pin)
Emma Horner (Tech. Superiority) 67 Eden McPherson
Dana Campbell 72 Audrey Bucher (Tech. Superiority)
Kevin Leatherdale 61 Dylan Kimoto (points)
Marco Palmero (Tech. Superiority)* 57 Bo Beardy
Samuel Beaulieu * 65 Mitchell Berenz (points)
Brody Evans 72 Brock Munro (Tech. Superiority)
Tyler Ashurst 76 Ben Christopher (points)
Cesar Fleurant 82 Aleksandr Sofronov (points)
Tristen Thibault (points) 90 E.J. Dylan
Drew Anderson 100 Kyle Nguyen (points)

Total Match Score: Lakehead 6; Winnipeg 20



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