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Thunderwolves VS York Lions
November 10, 2023 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Game Information
Thunder Bay
LU Fieldhouse
Game Score
York Lions
Game Review

November 10th 2023

Lakehead Thunderwolves Men’s basketball (1-1) took on the York Lions (1-1) for their home opener of the season! 

The starting lineup for the Thunderwolves was #1 Chris Sagl, #4 Tyler Sagl, #7 Laoui Msambya, #11 Nathan Bilamu and #20 Flynn Gilmore.


After the 1st period the Thunderwolves were down 16-19. Nathan Bilamu led the Thunderwolves with 8 points.  The 2nd period saw the York Lions pull away to 24-16 after 2 minutes but that didn’t stop the Thunderwolves from give us the 3 pointers we needed to get into a leading position. York fought back matching us points for points but ultimately they have a small lead ending the 1st half with a 40-38 lead.


Period 3 saw the York Lions keep pulling away from the Thunderwolves but that didn’t stop us from chasing them down keeping the points difference to a minimum. With 20 seconds left the Thunderwolves tied the game at 57-57 heading into the 4th!


Both teams were battling for the win in the 4th! Tyler Sagl was leading the Thunderwolves with 18 points. This period saw the Thunderwolves start to pull away from the Lions but they gained the points needed to be even at 79-79 with 1:07 left to play. Neither team was able to get the crucial last point which meant that this game went into OVERTIME! Chris Sagl took the lead in points with 22.


Overtime saw the York Lions take the lead and ultimately win the game at 87-85 in OT!


Player of the Game was…

Nathan Bilamu

  • 19 Points
  • 12 Rebounds
  • 3 Assists
  • 2 Blocks

Join us tomorrow night at 8PM in the Thunderdome to watch the rematch against the York Lions and aim for that WIN!




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