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Thunderwolves VS OUA Championships
February 19, 2016 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Game Information
Ottawa, Ont.
Nakkertok Nordic Ski Club
Game Score
OUA Championships
Men Gold, Women Silver
Marshall, Shields Aggregate Individual Champs
Game Review

Hugh Mullally | Nordic Skiing

[With files from Carleton U)

Day 3

The men’s nordic skiing team regained the OUA title on Sunday, their 4th in five years, while the women’s team were finally defeated at OUA’s after a remarkable 11-year run as champions, this time placing 2nd instead.

Gavin Shields from Lakehead - Day 1 GoldThunderwolf Alysson Marshall was the overall aggregate individual winner on the women’s side, while Lakehead’s Gavin Shields (photo left)  was the fastest overall skier on the weekend in the men’s field.

In the men’s competition, the Lakehead Thunderwolves were triumphant in reclaiming the Paul Allen Trophy as OUA champions, fending off Carleton and Nipissing to win the school’s fourth overall title in the last five years.

Day 3 of the competition saw the men’s and women’s contenders battle through mixed precipitation as well as the lingering effects of Saturday’s rain showers to make a strong push for the OUA titles.

In the women’s 10km Mass Start event, Alysson Marshall (33:58.9) of Lakehead won her third gold medal of the weekend by cruising to the title. Carleton’s Megan Evans (34:47.3), who won silver in the 7.5km Interval Free on Friday, finished in second place once again to cap off a very successful OUA championship. Rounding out the top three spots to take bronze was Carleton’s Emilie Stewart-Jones (35:38.0), whose individual performances improved throughout the competition.

The men’s 15km Mass Start followed, and for the third time this weekend, Lakehead’s Gavin Shields (45:46.1) stole the show with a sensational race to capture gold. Chris Hamilton (46:50.8) continued to make a name for himself as the Lakehead skier placed second to silver – his second of the competition. Nipissing’s Jordan Cascagnette (47:00.6) came in third position to help him notch a second bronze medal at the OUAs.

Following the completion of the Mass Start events, the Carleton women’s team and the Lakehead men’s team celebrated their final team results in securing the 2016 team championship banners.


Women’s 10km Mass Start
Men’s 15km Mass Start


Gavin Shields – Lakehead
Chris Hamilton – Lakehead
Jordan Cascagnette – Nipissing
Carrington Pomeroy – Carleton
Patrick van Walraven – Carleton
Colin Foley – Queen’s
Geoffrey Way-Nee – Lakehead
Colin Pendziwol – Lakehead
Chris Weller – Carleton

Avery Vreugdenhil-Beauclerc – Carleton


Alysson Marshall – Lakehead
Megan Evans – Carleton
Jessica Demers – Nipissing
Emilie Stewart-Jones – Carleton
Bryana van Leeuwen – Lakehead
Emily Jones – Carleton
Alexandra Slobodian – Carleton
Camille Hamm – Lakehead
Ashley Huot – Guelph

Alyssa Stowe – Carleton
2016 OUA NORDIC SKIING COACH OF THE YEAR:Nicholas Clifford – Carleton



Lakehead (Gold)
Carleton (Silver)
Nipissing (Bronze)


Carleton (Gold)
Lakehead (Silver)
Guelph (Bronze)

Day 2

The second day of action at the Nordic Skiing OUA Championships yielded another pair of gold medal finishes, and a bronze one as well for the Thunderwolves.

Saturday featured the team 3×2.7km relay races.

Alysson Marshall, Bryana van Leeuwen and Camille Hamm brought home the gold medal for Lakehead in the women’s field, finishing 1:51.0 ahead of their rival from Carleton.

The men’s team was able to capture both the gold and bronze medals in the men’s team relay, as Gavin Shields, Geoff Way-Nee and Chris Hamilton reached the top of the podium with a time of 24:57.0. Their teammates, Colin Pendziwol, Lucas Shewen and Sean Carter claimed third place in a time of 26:10.0

Heading into the final day of races on Sunday, the 10k/15k mass start, Lakehead’s claim on the men’s OUA title seems to be within reach, while the women’s team will need a very strong showing to retain their OUA title.

Men’s Top 3 – 3×2.7km Team Relay Classic
PL Team Lg Name Total Diff
1 Lakehead 1 1
Geoff Way-Nee
Chris Hamilton
Gavin Shields
2 Nipissing 1 1
Matt Chalmers
Kevin Durkee
Jordan Cascagnette
0:25:34.0 +37.0
3 Lakehead 2 1
Colin Pendziwol
Lucas Schewen
Sean  Carter
0:26:10.0 +1:13.0

Women’s Top 3 – 3×2.7km Team Relay Classic

PL Team Lg Name Total Diff
1 Lakehead 1 1
Camille Hamm
Bryana Van Leeuwen
Alysson Marshall
2 Carleton 1 1
Alex  Slobodian
Megan Evans
Emilie Stewart-Jones
0:31:32.0 +1:51.0
3 Nipissing 1 1
Lindsey Inkila
Shelby Dickey
Jessica Demers
0:33:07.0 +3:26.0

Day 1

Lakehead skiers Alysson Marshall and Gavin Shields were at the top of the podium after Day 1 of the OUA Nordic skiing championships, both winning gold in the 7.5km freestyle events.

Men’s 7.5 km Interval Free results

Women’s 7.5 km Interval Free results

Gavin Shields from Lakehead - Day 1 Gold

Thunderwolf Chris Hamilton finished five seconds behind Shields (photo left) for the silver, and Geoff Way-Nee placed 6th. Colin Pendziwol was 12th and Lucas Shewen, 17th.

Alysson Marshall (photo below) obliterated the field on the women’s side, winning by 96 seconds in a time of 21:12.1. Bryana van Leeuwen placed 5th, Camille Hamm 11th and Nicole Dumonski 21st.

While the individual finishes were solid for Lakehead, in terms of team standings, Carleton had a very strong showing in both the men’s and women’s events with five men and six women placing in the top 10. Such results pose a real threat to the Thunderwolf women’s streak of 11 consecutive OUA titles.

OUA championship action continues Saturday in Ottawa with the team relays.

Alysson Marshall from Lakehead - Day 1 Gold

Feb 19
Men’s Top 10 – 7.5 km Interval Free

 1  Gavin Shields – Gold  Lakehead  0:00  00:18:41.8
2 Chris Hamilton – Silver Lakehead 0:05 00:18:46.2
3 Jordan Cascagnette – Bronze Nipissing 0:12 00:18:53.7
4 Carrington Pomeroy Carleton 0:25 00:19:06.8
5 Colin Foley Queen’s 0:34 00:19:14.9
6 Geoffrey Way-Nee Lakehead 0:42 00:19:22.9
7 Avery Vreugdenhil-Beaucler Carleton 0:51 00:19:32.5
8 Brendon Howard Carleton 0:54 00:19:35.2
9 Patrick Van Walraven Carleton 0:55 00:19:35.9
10 Nelson Allan Carleton 0:59 00:19:40.7

Women’s Top 10 – 7.5 km Interval Free

1 Alysson Marshall – Gold Lakehead 0:00 00:21:12.1
2 Megan Evans – Silver Carleton 1:36 00:22:47.6
3 Alexandra Slobodian – Bronze Carleton 1:50 00:23:01.6
4 Jessica Demers Nipissing 1:55 00:23:06.3
5 Bryana Van Leeuwen Lakehead 2:08 00:23:19.3
6 Alyssa Stowe Carleton 2:18 00:23:29.6
7 Emily Jones Carleton 2:19 00:23:30.4
8 Emilie Stewart-Jones Carleton 2:20 00:23:31.2
9 Laura Inkila Carleton 2:25 00:23:37.1
10 Ashley Huet Guelph 2:37 00:23:48.6

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