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Thunderwolves Volleyball Head Coach Charlotte Sider Announces Her Departure

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March 21, 2023 – Thunder Bay, Ont. – Lakehead University Thunderwolves
Lakehead Thunderwolves Varsity Women’s Volleyball head coach, Charlotte Sider, announced today that she has made the bittersweet decision to step down from her role.
“My decision to leave has been a very difficult one, and this announcement is one of mixed emotions. Following my engagement this spring, I have decided to move to Colorado with my fiancé to begin a new chapter in my life,” said Sider, who was appointed head coach in April 2022.
“I have had nothing but positive experiences over the past year. I would like to thank Tom Warden and Jaimie Mintenko for giving me the opportunity and honour to serve as head coach at Lakehead. From the beginning, they made me feel like a part of the Thunderwolves family, and they fully supported me, both personally and professionally, throughout the season.”
Sider also highlighted the positive connection the Lakehead Volleyball program has with the community.
“I would like to express my gratitude to the Thunder Bay community for its continued support of the women’s volleyball program.”
“I would also like to thank Kim Fossum, Michael Nesti, the Superior North Volley Ball Club’s coaches, and numerous other volunteers who have worked tirelessly to support the vital and unique connection between local youth programs and the Lakehead team. The grassroots support provides critical fundraising for the team and hopefully inspires the next generation of Thunderwolves athletes.”
“I would also like to thank Mike Smit, Robin Melnick, Joanna Sanchez, Jen Mackenzie, Barrett Fitzgibbon-Ockenden, and Paul Hemsworth for their time, expertise, and commitment to the success of our program. It takes a team of coaches and support staff to compete in the OUA, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one,” Sider added.
Sider offered a special thank you to the women volleyball players for supporting one another and showing up each day, ready to improve.
“I am incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made together, and I know the program is headed in the right direction both on and off the court. The culture here is second to none, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it for the last year.”
Sider will remain involved with the program during the athlete recruitment process and will support the department as it searches for Lakehead Volleyball’s next head coach.
Tom Warden, Lakehead’s Athletics Director, said it was great having Coach Sider hereand she will be missed.
“We wish she was staying, but also wish her the best of luck and thank her for everything she has contributed to Thunderwolves Volleyball.”
The Lakehead Athletics Department will begin the search for a new coach this spring.

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