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Tree Breaks 40-Year 3000m Record

| Track & Field

Author: Hugh Mullally

Lakehead’s indoor track team were south of the border over the weekend, and Kevin Tree continued his exemplary performance, this time at the Jack Johnson Classic, hosted by the University of Minnesota.

Results: PDF

Tree placed second in the 3000m race, with a time of 8:23.64, which broke a 40-year old Lakehead record, set by Bill Britton in 1975. The time also ranks him 5th in the CIS.

Tree wasn’t the only one to show improve on Saturday, as Callie Roelfsema, Mary Strain and Sean Lewis also improved by leaps and bounds on their own personal bests in the 3000m race.

Coach Kip Sigsworth explains:

“Lots of great results today. Obviously Tree’s run was exciting – there is a reason that record stood for 40 years, Bill Britton was a great runner and Tree finally surpassed his mark. Mary Strain (12s) and Sean Lewis (22s) ran massive personal best today which was great to see and Callie keeps improving.

Kip continues, “Next weekend at the Bison Classic in Winnipeg will be another great chance to run fast and we need to recover from this weekend, put in a good week of practice, and be even better in Winnipeg.”


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