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Wolves Bring Home 2 Silvers and a Bronze Medal from U SPORTS Championships

| Wrestling


The Lakehead wrestling team brought home 2 silvers and a bronze medal from the 2018 U SPORTS Wrestling Championships in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Saturday afternoon.

On day one, both Jessica Bershatsky and Jacob Luczak came from behind to win matches that put them in a gold medal round. Both Bershatsky and Luczak went on to win silver along with Marco Palermo who won bronze over Oren Fumanov (Guelph Gryphons) in the 57kg.

Kevin Leatherdale, Kara Nixon and Casey Turner all placed 6th and Ashley Gravelle placed 7th.

Overall the men’s team placed 10th and women placed 8th.

The Brock Badgers sweep team titles for the fifth straight year marking the women’s eighth overall national title and the 18th for the men’s squad.


  1. Brock Badgers, 90
  2. Concordia Stingers, 62
  3. Alberta Golden Bears, 48
  4. Guelph Gryphons, 35
  5. Fraser Valley Cascades, 32
  6. Saskatchewan Huskies, 29
  7. McMaster Marauders, 28
  8. Regina Cougars, 26
  9. Calgary Dinos, 21
  10. Lakehead Thunderwolves, 17
  11. Algoma Thunderbirds, 9
  12. Western Mustangs, 8
  13. UNB Varsity Reds, 4
  14. Memorial Sea-Hawks, 4
  15. Queen’s Gaels, 4


  1. Brock Badgers, 72
  2. Alberta Pandas, 36
  3. Calgary Dinos, 30
  4. Concordia Stingers, 29
  5. Regina Cougars, 25
  6. Saskatchewan Huskies, 24
  7. Guelph Gryphons, 16
  8. Lakehead Thunderwolves, 16
  9. Fraser Valley Cascades, 16
  10. York Lions, 11
  11. McMaster Marauders, 8
  12. Western Mustangs, 7
  13. UNB Varsity Reds, 5
  14. Algoma Thunderbirds, 4


57 kg

1st Place – Sam Jagas (Brock Badgers)

2nd Place – Melvin Arciaga (Alberta Golden Bears)

3rd Place – Marco Palermo (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

4th Place – Oren Fumanov (Guelph Gryphons)

5th Place – Cam Hicks (Calgary Dinos)

6th Place – Remington Tschetter (Saskatchewan Huskies)

61 kg

1st Place – Ligrit Sadiku (Brock Badgers)

2nd Place – Josh Bodnarchuk (Saskatchewan Huskies)

3rd Place – Elvir Uzunovic (Guelph Gryphons)

4th Place – Jacob Torres (Fraser Valley Cascades)

5th Place – Dylan McLean (Concordia Stingers)

6th Place – Kevin Leatherdale (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

7th Place – Joshua Zimroz (Regina Cougars)

90 kg

1st Place – Clayton Pye (Brock Badgers)

2nd Place – Jacob Luczak (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

3rd Place – Alex Moore (Concordia Stingers)

4th Place – Hunter Lee (Saskatchewan Huskies)

5th Place – Clayton Brinker (Alberta Golden Bears)

6th Place – Simon Chaves (Guelph Gryphons)

7th Place – Gentrit Sadiku (UNB Varsity Reds)

8th Place – Adam Hendrickson (Regina Cougars)


51 kg

1st Place – Kristina McLaren (Brock Badgers)

2nd Place – Jessica Bershatsky (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

3rd Place – Jade Dufour (Concordia Stingers)

4th Place – Grace Chambers (Calgary Dinos)

5th Place – Amber Wiebe (Regina Cougars)

6th Place – Kaelan Findley (Alberta Pandas)

67 kg

1st Place – Temitope Ogunjimi (Calgary Dinos)

2nd Place – Indira Moores (Brock Badgers)

3rd Place – Amanda Savard (Concordia Stingers)

4th Place – Jasmine Thebeau (UNB Varsity Reds)

5th Place – Megan Fendelet (Alberta Pandas)

6th Place – Casey Turner (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

7th Place – Rachel Evans (Regina Cougars)

8th Place – Olivia Cirillo (Western Mustangs)

72 kg

1st Place – Skylar Grote (Brock Badgers)

2nd Place – Brandy Perry (Alberta Pandas)

3rd Place – Inga Hammer (Regina Cougars)

4th Place – Sydney Summach (Calgary Dinos)

5th Place – Genevieve Lamarche (Concordia Stingers)

6th Place – Christelle Lans (York Lions)

7th Place – Ashley Gravelle (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

82 kg

1st Place – Erin Geddie (Calgary Dinos)

2nd Place – Gracelynn Doogan (Guelph Gryphons)

3rd Place – Darrion Sterling (Brock Badgers)

4th Place – Jessica Rabet (Regina Cougars)

5th Place – Taylor Follensbee (Saskatchewan Huskies)

6th Place – Kara Nixon (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

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