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Campus Rec is hosting two live classes over zoom during Thrive Week! Register below for zoom link:

Power (Half) Hour

Tuesday, Jan 25 – 1-1:30pm EST
Come and join Campus Rec for this fun and interactive fast-paced zoom workout during Thrive week with Meghan! This High-Intensity Interval style class is designed to raise your heart rate and be a full-body workout. It will be a nice break in your day that allows you to reset and refresh for the rest of your day!

Align & Revive

Thursday, Jan 27 – 2:00-2:30pm EST
Come and join Campus Rec for this short and sweet 30-minute stretch & Strength inspired zoom class with Meghan! Align and Thrive will provide you with a full-body workout that focuses on muscle strength and flexibility. This fun and interactive workout is a great chance to prioritize you during Thrive week!

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