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Intramural FAQ’s

What is the cost to participate in Intramurals?

The majority of intramurals are $31/student, or $42/non-student. Some leagues may vary due to different number of games or additional expenses, such as ice time.

Why are intramurals charged per player, instead of per team?

Data shows that many captains historically do not receive full reimbursement from their team, or were unable to pay the cost for a full team at the time of registration. To help ease the financial burden on captains and reduce the amount of money needed at the time of registration, intramurals are now priced per player instead of per team.

Do I have to be fully vaccinated to play Intramurals this year?

At this time, vaccination is not required. Lakehead Campus Recreation will continue to abide by any policies set forth by the university and/or Government of Ontario. 

Who is allowed to play intramurals?

Almost all of our leagues are open to students, faculty, staff, and the general public that are 17 years of age or older. The only exception to this is Ice Hockey, which is for students only. 

How do I register for intramurals?

Registration is done fully online for our intramurals! See our registration instructions above for assistance. Need to register in person? Contact to arrange in person registration as needed. 

Do I need to have a whole team organized in order to play?

No! You can either register a team and attempt to recruit free agents to your roster, or you can register as free agents and all request to join the same team together!

Please note if you do choose to register a team and do not meet the required roster minimums, you may lose your spot in the league if the requirements are not met. 

I didn’t join a team before the league started, but I still want to play. Can I join late?

Yes – roster additions can be made up until week 4 of any league sport. Players do need to participate in at least 2 regular season games to be eligible in playoffs. 

Do I have to be available all days/times listed for my sport?

Ideally, yes. We are able to take game time requests, however there is no guarantee that we can always place your team at a certain time.

What is the skill level of the teams?

Within all of our leagues, we have teams that vary all the way from beginner to experienced! All skill levels are welcomed into our leagues.



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