Guidelines for Behaviour

Participation in Intramural Sport league should be considered a privilege.

  • The philosophy of the Intramural Programs at Lakehead University is based on “Fun for All” principles, encouraging and promoting physical activity, positive social interaction and healthy competition in a safe, sport environment that embodies the highest ideals of fair play.
  • In addition to the rules and responsibilities outlined in the Lakehead University’s Student Code of Conduct, it is expected that participants in Intramural Sport Programs will:
    • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect, and without discrimination (including harassment) because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, family stat us, or disability.
    • This expectation prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination.
    • Avoid any negative interaction or conflict with members of the opposing teams, spectators, officials, conveners, administrators and/or facility staff.
    • Abide by all rules, regulations and procedures governing the sport, the Intramural Sports Program and the facilities in which they are played.
    • Act in a safe, responsible manner regarding themselves and others.
    • Participants engaging in inappropriate behavior or violating Recreation/University policies in the Recreational facilities may be subject to have their privileges of participation revoked and could face possible University disciplinary action.

Acts To Be Considered for Suspension

Any participant who threatens a Campus Recreation staff member in any manner will automatically be suspended from the league and have the possibility of being suspended from all Campus Recreation activity for the remainder of the season, or their academic/professional career at Lakehead University. This would be pending a review from the Campus Recreation Committee. Any verbally abusive attacks directed towards a Campus Recreation staff member will be placed on automatic probation for one year from the incident and suspended from all Campus Recreation programs and services for one year. Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The following acts, including but not limited to, will be considered cause for suspension from Campus Recreation:

  • Shoving or striking a staff member of Campus Recreation, Campus Recreation participant or spectator.
  • Campus Recreation student staff members are employees of the University, any attack on these employees, will be charged the same as all other University employees.
  • Verbally abusing, baiting or harassing a Campus Recreation staff member, participant, or spectator before, during or after participation.
  • Theft and/or damage to equipment, the Fitness Center & Hangar, or fields
  • Failure to adhere to facility policies and procedures
  • Failure to follow verbal instructions of a staff member
  • Failure to provide personnel with proper identification upon request
  • Unauthorized use of facilities

* Any other incident or act not covered will be addressed on a case-by-case situation

Appeal Process:

  • If the referee or Campus Recreation Coordinator has determined after a review that a team or player(s) require a suspension, players have the right to appeal the decision or the length of the suspension.
    • Teams or player(s) have 72 hours to submit a written appeal (see written appeal form below) from the time notification of the disciplinary action is given. Appeals must be submitted to the Campus Recreation Coordinator via email at
  • Teams or player(s) being suspended must contact the Campus Recreation Coordinator via email or phone to set up the appeal.
  • The Appeal Committee will then meet at the earliest possible convenience to discuss/debate the appeal.
  • All efforts will be made to have the Appeal Committee review the appeal before the affected team/player’s next game.
  • Once the Appeal Committee meeting has been arranged, the teams and/or player(s) are permitted to state their case in person.
  • Decisions of the committee regarding the appeal are final.

League Rules:

  • In all instances, the TEAM is responsible to ensure they abide by the eligibility rules outlined.
  • Who is eligible: *NEW*
    • Intramural Leagues:  open to Lakehead University students, faculty, staff and general public over the age of 17.
  • All players must have their validated student card, or Lakehead University identification at EACH game.  General public players must show an alternate piece of photo identification.
  • Player must also sign the roster form for their team, complete with a signature, student number, phone number and email.
  • An individual may play for one team per league.
  • A team must have a minimum of 2 players of the opposite gender ready to play at game time, or they will be charged with a default.
  • The team captain is responsible to ensure the scorecard is correctly filled out and that all players in attendance are properly recorded on the roster form. New players may be added to the roster before the deadline given by the Campus Recreation Coordinator.
  • When adding players to your team, the captain and team are responsible to ensure that player is eligible to join the team, and is not listed on any other roster for that sport. Penalty for an ineligible player is the game being recorded as a default loss, with all the associated penalties.
  • Players ejected from the game are subject to disciplinary action. Minor infractions will be dealt with directly by the referee and/or Campus Recreation Coordinator. Major infractions will be referred to the Campus Recreation Committee.  Please see above Appeal Process.
  • Varsity Team athletes are ineligible to participate in campus recreation.
  • Each teams are allowed two Lakehead University varsity red shirts and/or Lakehead University club and/or community competitive program athletes on a team.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY:  IN ALL CASES, officials and teams are instructed to show up to the game, unless otherwise notified by the League convener.

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Questions?  Please email our Campus Rec Coordinator Joe McDonough at!

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