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Intramural Handbook

All policies, guidelines, and rules outlined in our intramural handbook must be upheld by all intramural sport participants. Please ensure that all team captains have read through the handbook thoroughly. Below are some key policies and procedures, with full details outlined in the handbook.

Intramural Handbook

Policy & Procedure Highlights


  • Teams are expected to read through all eligibility policies and ensure their roster follows all eligibility rules outlined
  • Campus rec staff reserve the right to random roster checks should a team be suspected of having ineligible players
  • Teams can submit an eligibility protest to the Campus Recreation office or their on site supervisor should they believe a team has an ineligible player
  • Players can only be on one team roster per league
  • All participants must follow Thunderwolves Athletics and the Government of Ontario COVID-19 protocols in order to participate in the desired sport. This means players must be fully vaccinated to participate in our leagues. 

Roster Management

  • All teams will have a team page through our intramural website, and the roster on this site will be considered the official roster.
  • If a player is not on a roster, they are not eligible to play in a game
  • Team are responsible for ensuring they meet all roster guidelines, including minimum number of women/men to play


  • All players must have their validated student card, or Lakehead University identification at EACH game.  Non-student players must show an alternate piece of photo identification.

Defaults, Forfeits, and Cancellations

  • Teams are expected to show up on time for all games
  • If your team know you won’t be in attendance ahead of time, you can notify the campus recreation office to receive a DEFAULT.
    • Defaults occur when a team notifies the Campus Rec office by their specified sport’s deadline (please see your sport specific handbook)  that they will not be able to field the minimum number of players required for their game.
    • A team is permitted up to two (2) defaults with no penalties, other than a negative impact on their playoff rankings. If a team defaults for a third time, they will be removed from the schedule and have no further games.
  • Teams that do not show up to play or don’t have enough people to play will receive a FORFEIT
    • A forfeit occurs when a team is unable to field the minimum number of players required for their sport within 10 minutes of assigned game time.
    • Should a team forfeit, the game will be entered as a loss and they will be required to pay a $25 forfeit fee prior to being permitted to participate in future games. If a team forfeits for a second time, they will be removed from the schedule and have no further games.
    • Note: Refunds are NOT provided if a team is removed from the league due to forfeits or defaults.
  • IN ALL CASES, officials and teams are instructed to show up to the game, unless otherwise notified by the Campus Recreation office. In the case of a cancellation, emails will be sent to the email used during registration. There is no guarantee that a cancelled game due to weather or facility emergency will be made-up, but all efforts will be put forth to reschedule games.

Sportsmanship and Conduct

  • It is expected that all participations treat everyone with courtesy and respect, and without discrimination (including harassment) because of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, family status, or disability. There will be absolutely no tolerance for any form of abuse, whether it be physical or verbal. Absolutely no violence is permitted.
  • Participants engaging in inappropriate behaviour or violating Recreation/University policies in the Recreational facilities may be subject to have their privileges of participation revoked and could face possible University disciplinary action.
  • At the end of each game, Campus Recreation staff will assign teams a sportsmanship score of 0 to 4 (descriptions below). Teams must have an average of 3 in order to participate in playoffs. During playoffs, a team assigned a score lower than 3 will not be eligible to move forward in the bracket. 
    • Sportsmanship Score Descriptions:
      • 4: Excellent, no problems.  Team demonstrates exemplary sportsmanship and maintains a positive attitude throughout the entirety of the game. 
      • 3: No major incidents of poor sportsmanship, some verbal dissent.  Teams with players receiving a single yellow card, technical foul, and/or  unsportsmanlike conduct penalties may still receive a 3.
      • 2: Unreasonable comments and conduct.  A 2 will be awarded to a team if multiple players receive single yellow cards, technical fouls, and/or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.  One ejected player does not necessarily mean the team will receive a 2. 
      • 1: Continuous verbal dissent, unreasonable conduct.  Team has multiple players ejected.
      • 0: Fighting, vulgar language, unreasonable conduct.


  • If a player has been suspended or ejected from a game and believes the suspension is not deserved, that individual has the right to appeal.
  • Teams or player(s) have 72 hours to submit an appeal form from the time notification of the disciplinary action is given.
  • Appeal decisions made by the Campus Recreation Coordinator are final



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Women in Sport Series Handbook – Stay tuned!

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