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IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  All participants must be signed up by a parent or guardian.  Children must be added as a dependent under the parent/guardian’s account.  To add a dependent, login and then enter your profile in the top right corner.  Once in that page, please click the ‘Add a Dependent’ button, which will ask for the child’s information.  Once this is completed and you click the ‘register’ button on the program, a pop-up will appear asking who to register with your dependent’s listed.  Once you reach the waiver form, please read over the waiver but then use the grey box at the bottom to sign.


Track and Field Fundamentals

Come participate in our generalized program for boys and girls to develop running, jumping and throwing. You’ll work on building the foundation for future sport success – develop speed, skill, strength, stamina, and suppleness!


Fall Session – September 17 to November 28

Winter Session – January 7 to March 12

Spring Session – March 24 to May 28

Full Year Session  – Includes dates for fall, winter, and spring sessions.

Location: LU Hangar

Ages: 10-14

Days and Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Cost: $150 for one session, or $400 for full session

Registration Dates: August 5 until session start

Register Here


For more information about track and field camps, please contact coach Kip Sigsworth at

For assistance with registration, please email or call 807-343-8950


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