IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  All participants must be signed up by a parent or guardian.  Children must be added as a dependent under the parent/guardian’s account.  To add a dependent, login and then enter your profile in the top right corner.  Once in that page, please click the ‘Add a Dependent’ button, which will ask for the child’s information.  Once this is completed and you click the ‘register’ button on the program, a pop-up will appear asking who to register with your dependent’s listed.  Once you reach the waiver form, please read over the waiver but then use the grey box at the bottom to sign.

For any questions, please contact Craig Barclay at craig.barclay@lakeheadu.ca



Will focus on the fundamentals of volleyball as well as teach team skills. Camp and Club members encouraged to enroll as well as any newcomers!

MARCH 11-14, 2019

9:00AM- 12:00pm

Grades 7-10

Location: PACI Gymnasium

Cost: $120





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