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Thunderwolves VS Roy Griak Invitational
September 26, 2015 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Game Information
University of Minnesota
Game Score
Roy Griak Invitational
Women 6th
Men 7th
Game Review

Tree Places 3rd at Roy Griak Invite

Lakehead’s cross country running teams competed Saturday at the 30th annual Roy Griak Invitational, one of the most prestigious races in the United States.

The women’s team ran the 6km very well, placing 6th (out of 17) in the Maroon Division III, and the men’s team placed 7th (out of 37) in the Maroon Division II 8km race.

Results Package: Men Women
roster-737Kevin Tree (photo left) proved he’s intent on taking his running to even higher levels, as he placed 3rd overall in the Maroon II division, improving on his 4th place finish in last year’s Griak. As a team however, coach Kip Sigsworth felt that the men did not reach their potential.

“Tree was very strong today but overall our men underperformed,” says Sigsworth. We did not compete in the middle of the race when things got difficult. This is a good opportunity to realize that while this team has the potential to do great things it will only happen if each team member is willing to pay the price required to succeed. I expect we will be much better next weekend and moving forward through the season.”

Conversely for the women’s team, Sigsworth was pleased with their performance.

“I was very happy with how the women ran today. The executed the race plan and were tough in the final stages of the race. I am excited to see what this team can achieve moving forward.”

The Thunderwolf women competed in the Maroon Division III, made up of 232 athletes from 17 schools and several independent runners. They were led by Callie Roelfsema and Marla Keyes, who crossed the finish line first and second among their teammates, placing 16 and 17 overall.

They were followed by Natasha Frank (48), Heather Maxfield (55), Jacqueline Desimone (70), Bryanna van Leeuwen (93) and Megan Smith (97).

Following Tree, the men were led by Dominique Aulagnon in 27th place, with Trevor Zimac (57), Tyler White (72) and Gavin Sheilds (76) crossing 3rd, 4th and 5th for the ‘Wolves in their field of 392 runners. Kenny Groop and Mason Quarrell finished 97 and 180.

Lakehead Women’s Results (6th out of 17 teams)
(top 5 count towards team standing)


1. 16  Callie Roelfsema SR 24:34.9 5
2. 17  Marla Keyes SO 24:36.8
3.  48  Natasha Frank JR 26:09.2
4.  55  Heather Maxfield SR 26:34.1
5.  70  Jacqueline Desimone FR 26:57.2
6. (93)  Bryanna Van Leeuwan SO 28:07.3
7. (97)  Megan Smith SR 28:29.2
Lakehead Men’s Results (7th out of 37 teams)
(top 5 count towards team standing)


1. 3   Kevin Tree SR 25:55 5
2. 27   Dominique Alaugnon SR 27:06 6
3. 57   Trevor Zimak SO 27:40 7
4. 72   Tyler White SR 27:55
5. 76    Gavin Shields JR 27:57 2
6. (97)   Kenny Groop SR 28:14 3
7. (180) Mason Quarrell JR 29:40

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