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SUMMER 2020 schedule

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, All Group Fitness classes are currently being offered for free through Instagram Live. The schedule changes on a weekly basis, and can be found on both our Instagram and our Facebook page, or updated here.

Aug 10-14

 The Aug 10-14 programming line up includes:  Mon August 10th - August Abs - Instagram Live Class @ 1:30 pm Tues August 11th - Fun Fitness Workout - Instagram Post @ 9:00 am Wed August 12th - Lunchtime Fitness  - Instagram Live Class @ 12:00 pm Thurs Aug 13th - Outdoor Fitness Challenge - Instagram Post @ 9:00 am Fri Aug 14th - Cardio Crush- Instagram Live Class @ 12:00 pm


Our summer programming includes Live Classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Video Challenges/Workout Guides posted on Tuesday and Thursdays. Class times vary and may impacted by holidays.

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Empower Hour

Women’s Only Workout Class! All of those who identify as women are welcome to join us at Empower Hour. Intimidated in the gym environment? Empower Hour will increase your fitness level while building your confidence. A Bootcamp style full-body workout that combines muscle conditioning, flexibility and cardio. Open to all abilities!

Functional Fitness

This Functional Fitness class focuses on cardio movement and strength patterns designed to increase functional strength for everyday life.  Functional fitness is a class that anyone can do! Come on out and  learn new exercises, work different parts of the body and have fun! All ages and all abilities welcome! This class has a 60 minute offering on Wednesday evenings, and a 45 minute offering on Friday’s at lunch.

Zumba ®

We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.

Gentle Yoga (Partnership with Modo Yoga)

A gentle practice in a low or non heated studio. The class will include basic yoga postures, moving at a slower page. This is an ideal class for those that are new to the practice of yoga or for those looking to slow things down and get back to the basics.

Please note that classes in partnership with Modo Yoga (indicated on the schedule), only have spots available to students. The remainder of our classes, including aqua and campus rec classes, are open to both students and general public.

Power Yoga (Partnership with Modo Yoga)

This power based class includes flows. and longer holds In postures that will help participants build strength. This class is intended for individuals that have some experience practicing yoga and is not ideal for beginners.

Please note that classes in partnership with Modo Yoga (indicated on the schedule), only have spots available to students. The remainder of our classes, including aqua and campus rec classes, are open to both students and general public.

Aqua Boot Camp

The aqua boot camp class is a combination of cardio, core strengthening, flexibility, and muscle toning exercises. Through the uses of buoyancy, resistance, and movement of water, this class provides a great workout to start your day.

Aqua Fit

Our classes on Monday and Wednesday use both the shallow and deep ends of our pool, with options to use aqua belts or noodles. The class focuses on interval training and is easily adaptable for all workout levels from beginner to advance.

Our Friday class is focused in the shallow end on Aqua Cardio – incorporating dance moves to engage all major muscle groups, created an overall balanced workout!


All of our classes are welcome to students, faculty, staff, and general public. However, the Modo Yoga partnership classes (HIIT, Modo Fit, and Hatha Yoga) are limited to 12 students spots and 12 modo yoga studio member spots. Therefore, Campus Recreation will only be selling drop in and class passes for Modo Yoga partnership classes to students. General public members interested in taking Modo Yoga classes are encouraged to visit their page to find more information!

Classes do have limitations on numbers, and participants are encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to secure their spot. Late access will not be permitted. If entry to class is denied due to limits being reached, you can return to the front desk for a refund.

For all of our classes, you can visit our front desk at the fieldhouse to purchase entry in to class. You have a few options for payment:

Drop In – pay each time you visit a class.

Multi Class Pass – pay for 5 or 10 classes at once, and scan each time you come to class

 Student Drop-InStudent 5 Class PassStudent 10 Class PassNon Student Drop-InNon-Student 5 Class PassNon-Student 10 Class Pass
Modo Yoga Partnership Classes (HIIT, Modo Fit, Hatha Yoga)$7.00$30.00$50.00Contact Modo YogaContact Modo YogaContact Modo Yoga
Campus Rec Classes (Zumba & Empower Hour)$7.00$30.00$50.00$8.00$35.00$60.00
Aqua Fit & Aqua Boot Camp$5.25Not available$50.00$5.25Not available$50.00

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