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Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Group Fitness is BACK as of October 18th! Please see our schedule below along with details on how to attend class!


How to Attend Class

Option 1) Register and pay by the class online at (under program registrations – fitness). Class registration opens up 7 days in advance of the class. Cost is $8.00 for LU Students, and $10.00 for all other participants, with the exception of Turf Fit and Saturday morning, which are both free for all thanks to our partnership with Student Health and Wellness!

Click here to sign up for fitness classes online!

Option 2) Purchase an All Access Class Pass for $50 dollars for the Fall Semester and receive a promo code so that you can register for unlimited classes. Note that registration is still required per class, but classes are free after purchasing the all access pass. All Access Class Passes must be purchased in person at the Wolf Den Front Desk.

Class Descriptions

HIIT – This high intensity interval training class incorporates various body movements using different types of equipment (including body weight) in short bouts of high intensity work followed by periods of rest. This class is built for all fitness levels, is low impact and an enjoyable way to end your day!

30/30 Cycle Yoga –  Run in partnership with Modo Yoga! This class consists of 30 min of high intensity spin, followed by 30 min of hot yoga. Music and drills will change every week. Follow up this spin class in the hot room for 25 min modo practice and a 5 min shavasana!

Tabata – Tabata Tuesday incorporates full body exercises that uses different types of equipment including body weight to target full body training. Tabata is short bursts of intense activity alternating with periods of rest. This class is good for all fitness levels and a great way to kick start your day!

Zumba – “Ditch the workout, join the party!” Zumba is the ultimate full-body dance-fitness workout that involves easy-to-follow choreography to Latin-inspired music. Zumba can be modified for absolutely everyone – no previous dance experience is needed at all! I promise you will leave feeling re-energized and like a superstar every class!

Turf FitStudent Health and Wellness invites you to join Registered Kinesiologist, Lindsey Wachter, for functional fitness on the Hangar field.  Enjoy a pre-programmed workout with jump ropes, agility ladders, hurdles, plyo boxes and more! The workouts will be comprised of strength, core and cardio movements and modifications will be offered to increase or decrease difficulty. Working out on turf allows participants to use different pieces of equipment and perform different exercises than their usual routine. The workout will take 30 minutes to complete so drop in anytime between 7:30- 8:30 am.

Stretch & Strength – This class allows for a pause on the fast-paced day to day activities in our lives and allows for more time to focus on recovery of the body. It incorporates stretching out the muscles while strengthening the core and other muscles vital to our everyday activity. This class is perfect for all fitness levels and is great to slow down the mind at the end of the day!

Yoga – Instructor Ameena Bacchus will guide you through traditional yoga movements and sequences. Cuing and modifications from the instructor will make this class appropriate for all levels. Offered at no cost in partnership with Student Health and Wellness,


Q: Who can participate in Group Fitness?

A: Anyone! Pricing is unique for students compared to general public, but all facility users are welcome to attend group fitness.

Q: Is registration required ahead of time?

Walk in’s are welcome, however due to COVID restrictions class sizes are limited so if you want to guarantee your spot, you should sign up ahead of time!

Q: Do you have equipment available?

A: All equipment required for class will be available during class, with the exception of yoga mats.

Q: What are your COVID-19 Safety Precautions?

A: All classes have been modified to ensure social distancing, and equipment sharing will be limited. If equipment is to be shared, cleaning supplies will be available. Masks do not have to be worn during class, but all class attendees must be the Lakehead University Vaccine Requirements and complete Daily Screening prior to class.

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